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Chasing Styx is an action-packed, three-headed dog, run 'n' gun, couch co-op, bullet-hell adventure for Windows PC.

You are Cerberus, feared guardian of the Underworld. While sleeping on the job, a herd of woodland bunnies hopped into the kingdom of the dead. Hades is not pleased – the boisterous bunnies are distracting the dead from their endless torment. Find your floppy-eared friends and get them back across the River Styx before hell freezes over.

Explore the far reaches of the Underworld, including a forest bathed in darkness and a cursed bell tower. Levels can be approached in any order and feature multiple routes filled with disgruntled dead, tricky traps, hidden treasures, and screen covering waves of bullets. Defeat armies of the dead and collect their souls to level up and equip powerful attacks and abilities. Two player local co-op is supported so bring a friend to help conquer the fast-paced action and frenetic boss battles.


  • ludicrous amounts of bullets
  • multiple difficulties with unique enemy spawns and boss attacks
  • alternate modes of play, including a boss rush and survival maps
  • 18 unique abilities used to upgrade your hell hound
  • challenges that unlock silly dog costumes

System Requirements:

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 212 MB storage for Windows or 425 MB storage for Linux/MacOS
  • Minimum screen resolution of 1280x720
  • Windows only: .Net Framework 4 and XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0 (will be installed with the game)

What's new with v.1.3.1?

  • MacOS compatibility

What's new with v1.3?

  • Pretty Puppy difficulty is easier with more checkpoints and greater respawn health. Hell Hound and Demon Dog remain unapologetically difficult.
  • Early game enemy health tweaked down.
  • Fixed Campanile elevator glitch.
  • Fixed screen scroll collision glitch.


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Chasing Styx - Windows v1.3.1 95 MB
Chasing Styx - Cross Platform v1.3.1 141 MB


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Hey! :) I have to say, very challenging game! Other than that, awesome 2D feel and lovely music and sound effects! :) If you would like to see what the game is about or would just like to see a let's play on this game. Please check it out here! :)